Bariatric support services will be coming to a close.
Why, you ask?? A couple of reasons.
Availability - BSS was created to provide high quality vitamin and protein supplements to bariatric patients at a time when things were not easily accessible. This was before online shopping and Amazon Prime! Vitamins and supplements are much more accessible now and there are lots of bariatric specific vitamins on the market for patients to purchase.
Cost - The company that packages BSS vitamins will be increasing their cost b/w 40 to 70% which would no longer make the bari paks an affordable option.
Once the current stock is sold out, the Bariatric Support Services store will be closed. If you have any questions please reach out to Alison Huber at 859-967-5518 or Vitamins continue to be available at Bariatric Advantage, Celebrate Vitamins, and over the counter at stores like Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, and Walgreens. ProtiDiet Hot Chocolate can be purchased on Amazon or on ProtiDiet's website. Calm can be purchased on Amazon or on Nature Vitality's website.
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